Happy Balloon

A local pediatrician’s office wanted to outfit their waiting room with an easy-to-pick-up game that would keep the kids entertained while waiting for their appointment. Aside from a request for it to be hot air balloon themed, I was given creative leeway to come up with whatever I wanted. Enter Happy Balloon.

[happy balloon] main

[happy bird] red button

Originally named “Flappy Balloon” the game is a spin on the crazy popular “Flappy Bird” mobile game. Playing as a hot air balloon, the kids must use a tantalizing big red button to give the balloon upward momentum in an effort to dodge incoming birds, planes, and other sky-bound obstacles. I originally had the top and bottom of the screens count as a “Game Over” scenario, but after having trouble avoiding the edges even with practice, I decided to make the screen loop from top-to-bottom and back. Much more relaxed. I’ve heard it’s been a big hit at the doctors office!




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