RD250 Cafe – Gauges, Front Fender, & Rear Suspension

With the handlebars removed, the next step is to remove the gauge cluster. We can also start removing other bits as well as we work our way towards a bare frame. Also on the hit list are the front fender and rear forks.

Gauge Cluster

Lets start with the gauge cluster. It’s held in place by two bolts passing through the top clamp of the forks. We also have a cable that runs from the speedometer down to the front wheel that will need removed. The other cable (that leads to the tach) was removed when we took out the engine.

Start with the speedometer cable:

[rd250] speedo cable

Simply unthread the nut at the end of the cable from the back of the speedometer.

[rd250] speedo cable removed

Now remove the two bolts holding the cluster to the top clamp and you should be able to pull the cluster free.

You can also go ahead and remove the speedo cable from the front wheel hub. Simply unscrew and remove.

[rd250] Speedo Cable from Wheel

Front Fender

Now on to the fender. There are two bolts on each sideĀ of the front wheel that hold the fender to the forks. Remove these bolts:

[rd250] F Fender bolts

There are also bolts that hold the top portion of the fender to the forks. Remove these as well and you should be able to maneuver your fender free:

Rear Suspension

There are two attachment points for each side of the rear suspension. One to the upper portion of the frame, below where the seat would be, and one at the end of the rear swingarm. Be careful working with the suspension arms, there may still be potential energy depending on how the frame/swingarm are loaded while you remove them.

[rd250] rear suspension


Until next time, happy wrenching!

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