Frazier Lewis and Clark Mapping Exhibit

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In April 2015, Enomalies and the Frazier Arms Museum in Louisville, KY partnered up to create an interactive mapping exhibit as part of their Lewis and Clark Experience. The exhibit runs on a large touchscreen TV, and gives the users an opportunity to draw a map of the United States from memory, given only the state of Maine and the city of Louisville, KY as starting points.

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Even as the developer of the game, who spent┬ámany an hour looking at maps of the US, I found it to be a fun challenge. Everything was written to run in a webpage, using Javascript. My favorite “discarded idea” of the development cycle was a color gradient screensaver that would kick on if the TV didn’t have any interaction for a small amount of time. Using SVG data translated to a CSS animation lets me draw the outline of the US to the screen, as an example of what the exhibit user would have to do. I found it mesmerizing:

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